Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Is It Too Hot in Summer?

The Caribbean is a typical winter destination. Stable, mild weather with temperatures in the low eighties are common, almost guaranteed. But, what's about summer? Too hot?

Big Misconception
The month of August is the time, when people rush to the South of the United States or Europe. Here a few daytime high temperatures at any day in August at some tourist destinations:
Miami/Florida:  95 F./ 36 C.
Albuquerque/New Mexico: 100 F./ 38 C.
Marbella/Spain: 97 F./ 37 C.
Please, compare:
St. Maarten/St. Martin: 83 F./  28 C., low humidity

Summer Season on St. Maarten/St. Martin

The beaches are almost deserted, lodging rates are lower by 10% - 30%, the sea waters are calm and warmer than in winter season. As the destination is not so much requested, your choice of accommodation is much better and you can be more selective. Short term bookings are possible. Flight tickets and rental car rates are lower priced, too.

Think about these facts and forget, what you assumed about the weather, instead check the weather page on
A great selection of prequalified apartments and villas can be found at, starting at $60/night. Villas start at roughly $2,000/week, for example Villa Canoua.


  1. Great information. I always thought it is hot and humid.

  2. Indeed, it isn't! Enjoy your trip.