Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Get the Full Picture - Don't Stick to Smart Phones

Smart Phones Suck

No, I am not against the use of smart phones, but they are not suitable for informing yourself about your next vacation destination. Web pages with plenty of photos, text, rate tables and videos do not fit into the small screens of iPhones and all the other miniature screens.

Get the Full Picture
The designers of one of the major vacation rental websites on St. Maarten/St. Martin, www.st-martin-vacation.com realized that people increasingly asked for information, which has been shown on the website. They just don't find it on their micro-displays.

A new mobile friendly website has been introduced, www.st-maarten-vacation.com. All web page information automatically resizes, horizontally placed photos are squeezed vertically one after the other, panorama photos are shrinked to tiny thumbnails, and tables are reorganized into vertical sequences. 
Do people now see better, what they are looking for? No, still the same redundant questions are asked because users just cannot find, what they are looking for. Would you watch TV on your IPhone? This is exactly what is happening. Take your time and the right tool, an iPad at least, or a notebook, or even better, a well sized laptop PC in order to get a real impression of your next vacation destination, vacation rental, or hotel. Your vacation is too precious to be decided by a reduced view at the equivalent of a Twitter Tweet of 140 characters. 

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